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It’s that time again ATL, time for The Overthrow to cast a durrrty dark shadow on our regular Ponce palace, MJQ Concourse. This time Sloppy Seconds includes a roster of the most extraordinary of gentlemen plus our own lady DJ, Taradactyl!

This edition highlights our most extraordinary roster of skaliwags and rabble rousers:


Damaged Goods – aka Captain No One, the infamous antihero
Heroes x Villains – aka Jekyll & Hyde, power in paradox
Troy Kurtz – Fist of Glory, the fountain of youth
Caleb Gauge – Propaghandi
Sam Baum – Minister of Culture

AND the heroine or Mina Murray of this soiree, in the Cafe, Taradactyl + Miss Sarah Mincher of Sorry, Darlin’s Lollipoppin.

***HEROES x VILLAINS will be sharing stage w/ rising party rap duo, FKi, to perform there brand new unreleased collab project! ***

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Dom Remix feat. Gucci Mane

Back in May we introduced you to Massachusetts band Dom. Dom recently partnered with Gucci Mane to make a sick remix of Dom’s Living in America. In Gucci’s first verse he name drops East Atlanta and Savannah! Go Georgia Go!! Thanks Gucci for reppin’. Enjoy!

Dom – Living in America Remix feat. Gucci Mane

Dom – Living in America

- Taradactyl

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Throwback Thursday: Captain Sensible

When I hear the name Captain Sensible, I don’t immediately imagine a cool rebellious English rocker who started his career in a punk band and formed his own British political party. That’s exactly the person I’m speaking of, Mr. Sensible.
Captain Sensible co-founded the punk band The Damned and when they went on hiatus wrote a hit single, “Jet Boy/Jet Girl.” His music has been sampled in rap songs and he’s even done his own rap parady, which is the hit we are focusing on for this Throwback Thursday. Plus don’t we all love a Brit that sports a red beret on the regular?!

Captain Sensible – Wot

P.S. – Did you see the way he shoved poor ol’ Adam Ant?!


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Future Sounds of North America

Music Monday is back and this time with some booty bass by some of our local boys! A compilation that highlights and showcases North American producers and dj’s that are on the rise in the future of bass music was recently exclusively released on Beatport. “The release ranges from spaced out funky to full-on tropical club bangers” and features some of your Atlanta faves such as Distal, Manikan and B. Laing (side project of everyone’s favorite captain, Captain Crunk). Today that compilation was released everywhere else (Itunes, Boomkat, JunoDownload, etc.). Please support your Atlanta music scene by purchasing tracks from Party Guy Records’ compilation, Future Sounds of North America.


B. Laing – AXE VIP

Distal – No No No Yes Yes Yes

Manikan – Crab Grab

Listen to the whole compilation here!
1. Bardeenz – Brazilianaire
2. Distal – No No No Yes Yes Yes
3. Norrit – N Gbekinho
4. Kid Aloha – Low Tide (Acid Riddim)
5. Buckmaster – The Ja Dance
6. Skinny Friedman – Bear Conditioner
7. Clicks & Whistles – When I Feel
8. Atlantic Connection – Delicious
9. B. Laing – Axe VIP
10. Cosmic Revenge – After Party
11. Manikan – Crab Grab
12. DubCHI – Square Bomb
13. DJ Apt One – Bang The Bass
Released by: Party Guy Records
Release/catalogue number: PGR003

Buy it on Itunes.
Buy it on Beatport.
Buy it on Boomkat.
Buy it on Juno Download.
Or straight up buy from Party Guy Records

- Taradactyl

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Throwback Thursday: Secret Service

Back when I wrote about Games back in October, our dj buddy Flufftronix pointed out that they had sampled a track called “Flash in the Night” by an eighties band called Secret Service. Secret Service is a synth/pop/new wave band from Sweden. Fun fact: some of the band members later together formed Stockholm Records which ended up as a joint venture with Polygram…which produced The Cardigans! Check out Secret Service’s hit “Flash in the Night,” and after that check out the video for the song in which Flash in the Night was sampled by Games, “Shadows in Bloom.”

- Taradactyl

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After a scathing review of their live CMJ performance, from the ever pretentious Pitchfork, psych-indie rockers, COOLRUNNINGS, move on unphased like Vin Diesel walking away from an explosion, never looking back. The Knoxville, Tennessee (my hometown) boys recently released a new single, Chorus, off of an unreleased EP, “Teenage Tennessee.” We invite you to get to know COOLRUNNINGS in our Sorry, Darlin exclusive self-portrait style interview.

San Dimas Oasis from BABES FOREVER EP

Mental Illness from BUFFALO EP


For a different take on the interview, Sorry, Darlin asked COOLRUNNINGS to let us take a peek into who they are and what goes on in their brains by providing a couple random facts about themselves or  thoughts they may have. Enjoy!

1. The hospital I was born in was named after the guy who first used nitrous oxide for medicinal purposes. This is important to me, for some reason.
2. The saxophone breaks in “Coronado” from <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eE7dwoHMEI”>Halcyon Digest</a>  is probably my favorite thing going on in music right now. I love the un-indie-ness of the whole affair.
3. Girls just wanna have fun. True fact.

1. I’ve always wanted to make a rap album.
2. I don’t want anybody to hear my rap album.
3. At this point in my life, I am fully embracing being a (harmless) pervert.
4. I truly believe that Always Something There To Remind Me by Naked Eyes is the greatest pop song ever recorded.

1. I want to say what i really think, but I really have to think before i say it.
2. I don’t care for the empty lifestyle that I see the majority of our generation living; everyone’s looking for fun fun fun all the time, but it seems that it can turn to shit real quick.
3. I am going to produce more of my art (visual/audio) than I think I can, I’m capable of doing it. You will see it out there when I’m done. I’m gonna show everyone what an immature 20 year old boy thinks about them and if no one cares, it won’t bother me at all, at least I’ve made something out of what i can do.

1. Lamar Burton was a personal hero of mine as a child, he was on Reading Rainbow during the day and on Star Trek as Geordi LaForge at night.
2. Sincerity is my favorite quality in anyone.
3. Last night, a bum asked me for a cigarette and then invited me to “the Hobo Jungle” and told me not to worry, I wouldn’t get hurt. I declined.

1. Well I know a lot of guys whose dads are interstate truckers, and I’ve taken up some interesting conversations with them about it, so I like to think I know a bit about that sort of thing when I really don’t. I like to imagine that the interstate commerce circuit is the closest thing we’ve got to riverboat piloting, à la Mark Twain, so I’m sure its safe to assume truckers are really a breed of misunderstood visionaries that are too often taken for overweight flannel NASCAR guys.
2. The first show I ever went to (and this is embarrassing only because it was so late in the game for someone my age) was They Might Be Giants at the Sundown in the City festival in Knoxville. I was a junior in high school so I was like seventeen–it took that long for me to see a real live performance. I blame my surroundings more than anything. Anyway I still think TMBG are a great thing, they’re totally passed off as some kind of clean Ween joke band kinda of thing, but the album Lincoln is totally boss. I wish I was a Jewish songwriter that had the patience to appreciate The Replacements. ‘Where Your Eyes Don’t Go’ and ‘They’ll Need A Crane’ are some choice tracks.
3. My maternal grandfather was the son of an old country Czech pianist, raised in Cicero during the 20s, and he carried on the family business up until his dying day. I’ve got musicians in my family, but most of them give it up to become engineers or some other crap that I’m not good at. I never saw myself playing bass, but I can’t really play guitar standing up, so who’s complaining. I was drafted into a cool band where performance and songwriting are a priority. I thought I was gonna work at Home Depot for the rest of my life. Maybe now I’ll be looked over for a manager’s position if they ever hire me back.

Other goodies:

COOLRUNNINGS win best album cover ever!

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♦♦ATL Weekend Magic♦♦

Looking for something to do tonight? Tomorrow? Well, you came to the right place. We darlin’s always have special events and parties to keep your life exciting, glamorous and fun. Tonight magically mythical darlin’ Dj Minchy Minch will be your auditory attendant on the flight of your life at MJQ Cafe! She will be spinning with love alongside Dj’s Skooter and Wigdan Giddy, and in the main room is the monthly rager Sloppy Seconds. Tonight features  the extremely talented Hollywood Holt, NinjaSonik and the usual sloppy suspects!

Tomorrow just happens to also be one of Sorry, Darlin’s favorite events of every month, Bodega. Bodega is a monthly pop up sale with thrift and vintage clothing, handmade jewelry and accessories, hair styling and cuts, and more! It’s the holiday edition! Come out and support your local creatives and get your holiday gifts or something for yourself! You can get your hair did, eat some great food & drank from chef Julia LeRoy & hear some great tunes!

As always we want to thank, you the readers and the fans, for your continual support and love. Here’s a special song we dedicate to you. Thanks and download the app mentioned at the end of the video!
<3 the Darlins.

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Throwback Thursday: Aaliyah

Hey, hey it’s Thursday! You know what that means? It means tonight is HOT & STICKY AND we get to travel back in time and revisit a special track together. Today we are going “Back and Forth” with Aaliyah (R.I.P). It is such a perfect gem of a song from the L-I-Y-A-H’s 1994 album “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number.” I know it doesn’t seem like much of a throwback, but it’s 16 years old! Time flies.


See you tonight for Round 5 of HOT & STICKY!!


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Throwback Thursday: Elektrik Funk + ZOOATLANTA Photos!

Annnnnnd I’m back…waaaaaaaay BACK! Back to 1982 in fact. I had the pleasure of mixing this tune with some other fun housy tunes at ZooAtlanta at El Bar last Wednesday. This song is featured on a Chromeo mix (Un Joli Mix Pour Toi) and was sampled in some earlier versions of “Do It Again” by the Chemical Brothers. Enjoy!

Elektrik Funk – On A Journey (I Sing the Funk Electric)

ZooAtlanta Pics are up at our fun photo gallery as well! Sorry, Darlin would like to thank our stylists Recollection Vintage, and Chop Shop, as well as  Justin Bright, Skooter, and El Bar for another purfect Sorry, Darlin event! 

Darlin's styled by Rosa McWaters of Recollection Vintage.

Darlin' Minchy with Taylor of Chop Shop who styled our wild animal hair.

Dj's Skooter and Justin Bright keeping it wild on the dance floor.

- Taradactyl


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