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Hi there Darlins!

I am so excited to invite you all out this Wednesday, December 21st to ABV Gallery’s 11th DRINK & DOODLE.

 This one happens to be a very special holiday party, being that Xmas is right around the corner! Drink and Doodle is a monthly event that features 12 artists, creating new work, which will be for sale at the end of the night. Drinks and music will be provided, so the rest is up to you! I know the ABV family would love to see all their friends out to celebrate the holiday cheer, and you can’t miss this one because it’s the last one this year! Hope to see you all there.


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Sexy Saturday with Sorry, Darlin!

Darlins!! I have to tell you about my new special someone…. he comes all the way from Sweden, very trendy and takes really good care of me! The best part is my boyfriend actually doesn’t mind having him around! He keeps up with my ever-changing preferences and comes in many shapes and sizes. He can take care of me during that alone time or hang with my man and me.  He is my Toyfriend!

Toyfriends are playful, exciting, and easy to use vibrating toys. They are very sleek and modern varying in design but are all made to be quiet yet still powerful, waterproof, and made of smooth, body safe silicon. Toyfriends feature four different categories of vibrators including the original toyfriends, rocket toyfriends, power toyfriends, and extended toyfriends. Each category includes several different toyfriends, each with their own name, personality, color, and shape. With names like cute, rebel, starlet, cheeky, coney, and bossy, how could you not find the perfect toyfriend to meet all your pleasing needs?

I feel like this brand of vibrators is especially good for first time buyers out there. They are affordable designer toys with a contemporary, discrete look. I’m about to purchase my Toyfriend a Toyfriend because of how much I loved my first one. I would tell you who, but a lady never plays and tells. So sex kittens go out and get your very own today!

<3 Baby Darlin

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Hey all you ATL party monsters, I hope you’re ready for your monthly dose of SLOPPY SECONDS- this Saturday at your favorite bar to get dirty in the dark at, MJQ concourse! And speaking of getting dirty in the dark, The Overthrow will be joining forces with LA’s very own Gotta Dance Dirty blog crew to make sure everyones getting their grind on all night long. Featuring international DJ coming all the way from Australia, Bonez, founder of GDD crew/ the Overthrow’s very own Troy Kurtz, and the temptress Tamara Sky, who’s sure to stimulate ALL your senses.

AND I can’t forget to mention the cobra party makers C.Will and Oh Snap Kid are out to promote and document all your bad decision making for the weekend. Saturdays don’t get any dirtier than here at SLOPPY so take a shower or DON’T, just be prepared to shake your ass.

ALSO a party isn’t a party without the glitz and glamour that comes along with the lovely Miss Sarah Mincher hosting and Sorry Darlin’s very own DJ TARADACTYL for LOLLIPOPPIN in the MJQ Backroom.

This happens to be one of my personal favorite dance parties in the ATL and I can’t wait to see you all there!!

<3 Ashley aka Baby Darlin


Little Dragon X Sorry, Darlin

Hello Darlin Lovers!

It’s been way too long but I still really want to recap the Little Dragon show, just in case anyone had to miss it. The show was amazing, by the way, and it definitely falls onto my top ten favorite live shows list. They sold out Hell at the Masquerade and as the openers played, everyone impatiently waited for Little Dragon to take the stage. Finally taking the stage, lead singer Yukimi looked amazing in a shimmering champagne sequin dress with black tights and the other band members each had their own individual style, one in particular sporting an 80’s patterned short-sleeved button up looking especially Zach Morris-esque.

The band kicked off the show with A New, the first track off their newer album, Machine Dreams, which is a slower song that has a minute long build up of an eerie electronic siren noise and a repetitive block percussion beat. As the song builds Yukimi’s angelic and whisper-like voice resonates throughout the building putting everyone in a blissful trance. The band was really able to assert their stage presence by premiering with this song and the energy from the band had begun to ripple throughout the audience.

Next they played my favorite song, Never, Never, a rather dreamy song with haunting vocals. They played a new song after, which will be included on their new album that is to be released later this year. Picking up the pace, but only ever so slightly, they played Blinking Pigs, followed by Forever, a song off their first album. Without warning they jumped into My Step, one of their faster paced, dance-beat, electro songs. Next they played a darker song off their upcoming album, which was rather lengthy and tribal sounding followed by After the Rain, another track off their debut album, which gives off more of a Jazz feel including sounds from the Trombone, followed by another one of their dreamier ballads, Feather.

Coming to an end they announce the next song will be their last and but of course it’s Runabout, one of their more popular dance-beats. The song ends and as they begin to depart the stage the audience, wanting more chants, “one more song” and what else can they do but return with not one, but three encores, including Constant Surprise, Swimming, and Twice. Swimming is one of their more faster tempo songs that ended up turning into an all out jam session extending the song minutes longer creating a massive explosion of energy throughout the audience. By this point everyone was on their toes to see what Little Dragon had in store for the end and a wise decision, in my opinion, they took the pace back down playing a piano driven, slow jam called Twice off their first album. Twice left the audience in goose bumps, haunted in the best way by a song filled with magical sounds, a simple melody, and an angelic whisper radiating meaningful lyrics, leaving the audience almost still and silent afterwards, right before bursting into applause.

With a unique, eccentric sound and an amazing live show to boot, Little Dragon is obviously not going anywhere anytime soon and has already began to leave their lasting mark in the music world. Expect a new album later this year!

<3 Ashley 

ps- Come hang out with Sorry, Darlin tomorrow night at Eastside Lounge for our monthly dance party HOT AND STICKY!

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Candy for Your Ears and a Treat for Your Feet

Hey there Darlinz. Sarah Mincher here.  As some of you may know, Sorry, Darlin is entering her 2nd magical year of Atlanta adventures and I have been not so quietly looking for an intern to join in the ever expanding party fun.  And uh, brush my hair, feed my unicorn and text boys for me.  You know, “professional” stuff. So without further ado, I am really happy to welcome Ashley Gunter to the team!  Be ready to see our Baby Darlin helping out at events, reviewing concerts and being part of the general Darlin mischief.  Plus, she already suggested I call her “Mini Minchy” so needless to say, I have a really good feeling about this.  Now, meet our Baby Darlin…

Hello ATL Babies!

I’ve been brainstorming all week about what to write and trying to narrow it down a specific focus, but I figured I write best when I’m writing about things that I know and love, so that’s exactly what I plan to share with all of you! This covers a wide range of topics, obviously, but I’ll try and keep it focused on some of my favorite things: live music, film, books, sweets, art and shoes. Haha we’ll see how this goes for now.

My name is Ashley, by the way, and I’m Sorry Darlin’s newest intern! As an onlooker, it has been really cool to see Sorry Darlin as a company and a brand in itself grow and succeed. I’ve always been a supporter of the Sorry Darlin vibe and message, and I’m very excited for the opportunity to contribute and be a part of all the crazy Sorry Darlin shenanigans.

I’m excited for this upcoming weekend, but honestly I’m way more excited about my Tuesday night at The Masquerade. One of my favorite bands, Little Dragon, is playing in Hell (downstairs). Little Dragon is an electronic band from Sweden that isn’t necessarily new but a band that I feel is still fairly under the radar, considering how much positive response they’ve received since the release of their most recent album Machine Dreams in 2009. Their first full length was a self-titled album released in 2007. They’re both great, but Machine Dreams played through on my iPod for over a week straight. It’s got the perfect mix of moods throughout the album from dancey, upbeat tracks, like “Runabout” and “Looking Glass,” to perfect bedtime tunes like “Fortune” and “A New.” There are very few albums that I can honestly say I enjoy every song enough to never skip a track, and for me, Machine Dreams falls into this category.  The band is made up of an adorable Swedish- Japanese singer, Yukimi Nagano, who the band is actually named after, referring to the nickname she received in the studio after becoming frustrated often, and her close high school friends, Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrick Källgren (bass), and Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards).  They were featured on two of the tracks off Gorillaz album Plastic Beach and are returning to Atlanta for the second time since having released Machine Dreams. Their last show in Atlanta was at the Drunken Unicorn, and sadly I couldn’t make it, but that’s why there wasn’t even a chance I was missing this one!

In the same night in Heaven, just up the stairs of the Masquerade, two other great bands are playing as well, Tokyo Police Club and Two Door Cinema Club. I’ve seen Tokyo Police Club before. They put on a great show at the Tabernacle the last time they were here, but I wouldn’t mind sneaking off for a bit to catch some of Two Door Cinema Club’s set. This alternative rock band from Ireland came onto the scene with their album Tourist History back in March of 2010 and has been getting more and more popular ever since. Touring with Tokyo Police Club is gaining them great exposure, too. Their album is really catchy and pretty happy and fun all the way through.

It seems as if The Masquerade is the place to be for music in the ATL on Tuesday, whether you’re in Heaven or Hell. Hope to see you all out shaking your asses or bobbing your heads or, you know, whatever awkward half-dancing we all do at indie shows.

<3 Ash

P.S.  Confession: I wore stripper heels out to MJQ a few weeks ago, which after a few drinks is quite the mission for a girl whose everyday wear shoes are horseback riding boots and chuck taylors. In spite of this, I have been inspired to up my heel game and test the limits with some shoes I wear out. I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately on shoe blogs and I’ve decided I must have a pair!!! Next Mission (mission impossible maybe?): Heel-less heels.

Also check out my favorite Little Dragon track, “Never Never Below”!! Xoxo

- Ashley Gunter


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