BEAUTY VICE: Scents of Spring

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Ah my loves, spring is most definitely in the air! Gone are those horrid winter doldrums, it’s that glorious time of year where you can’t help but feel happier, prettier, and more adventurous. ‘Tis the season to embrace new beginnings, new beaus, and new beauty routines! I decided that the past week would be the perfect time to (lovingly) cast aside my signature scent and experiment with perfumes that remind me of the magical freshness that is spring.

Before I delve into my favorite spring fragrance picks it’s important to note that the same perfume often smells differently on each individual due to one’s unique body chemistry. What might smell achingly lovely on your girlfriend can produce a vastly less appealing scent when you spritz it on yourself. That’s why I’ve enlisted some helpful volunteers (i.e. family members with no choice in the matter) to help me test out the scents featured below in order to get the most comprehensive verdict. But enough jibber jabber, let’s get to the goodies!


Sephora: 0.8 oz bottle for $48.00

I can sum up what the aroma of Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance reminds me of in the illustrious words of Outkast: “so fresh and so clean clean”. It gives off a sweet, citrusy scent that I find to be both refreshing and relaxing. While I enjoyed how it smelled on me, I did prefer the effect it had on my sister. I pity the boy who walks by her if she’s wearing this, he doesn’t stand a chance. I must also add that my boyfriend wears Light Blue for men and I want to bury my nose into his skin every time he applies it. Très sexy. The only negative that my sister and I found with this fragrance is that it doesn’t seem to last terribly long, but two words can remedy that issue: travel size!


Sephora: 1 oz bottle for $65.00

During one of my characteristic wanderings through the Wonderland that is Sephora I discovered this gem of a perfume. I LOVE IT. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle is the ultimate expression of femininity captured into a scent. Is there any flower that smells more luxuriously ladylike than that of the rose? This perfume is subtle, fresh, and classic. Prepare yourself to be complimented. While wearing this I find it easy to imagine that I’m an Old Hollywood starlet making my debut at the Oscars with Cary Grant as my escort. Le sigh.

My idol Ava Gardner would be totally into this perfume, I’m convinced.


Sephora: 1.7 oz bottle for $62.00

Marc Jacobs Daisy is a fragrance that was made to embody spring. Its light and sweet scent is fruity and floral, but I found that it develops into a sultry Gardenia and Jasmine infused concoction as time wears on. Both my mother and I received numerous compliments while wearing this, mostly from men might I add. A word of caution: a little goes a long way with this product, so don’t go spray-crazy when applying it or it will smell way too overpowering and you’ll be the bane of every packed elevator.


Sephora: 1 oz bottle for $46.00

I received a sample of Especially Escada from Sephora, and the moment I applied it I immediately closed my eyes and just swooned over how incredible it smelled. Needless to say, I bought a bottle the next day. This irresistible floral scent is fresh, glamorous, and playful. Whenever I have it on at work I constantly get asked by the guys what I’m wearing if they catch a whiff of it. One of my bosses even demanded that I write down the name of it so he could buy it that day for his wife, I kid you not. This is also a new favorite of my boyfriend’s, who when pressed for a review described it as “sexy and feminine”. Touché, Escada!

Lastly, a quick note regarding the application of these aforementioned spring scents. I would get into detail regarding the importance of pulse points, et cetera, but I think Coco Chanel summed it up best when she advised to “wear it wherever you want to be kissed”. And with that in mind, spritz up and enjoy the season, ladies! 



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Author: Ariana Yazdi

Nerd extraordinaire with a penchant for glamour.

One thought on “BEAUTY VICE: Scents of Spring

  1. YAY! I’m always looking for more perfume….I have the Marc and Dolce ones right meow, can’t wait to try the others :)

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