Okay ladies and gentlemen, I know I’ve been scarce on this blog since moving to the big city, but I still love the ATL, I still love the sorrydarlins, and I still love to subject others to my personal tastes via the internet. So, sorrydarlin has a new feature “Hit or Miss”, a la VICE’s “Do’s and Don’ts”, written by yours truly.

Every week I’ll scan internet pictures and pull out some definite fashion/lifestyle Hit’s. Your fashion-forward stylings, your PBR-fuelled antics, and your general hotness will not go unnoticed. On the flip-side, there is so much MISS lurking in the night…and they sometimes need a gentle reminder that swilling vodka in the backseat of their BFF’s BMW + electrical tape over their nipples = consequences.

So remember that time you were that upstanding young lady who was always hitting on my boyfriend? Or that time you were my upstanding boyfriend sleeping with upstanding young ladies in Los Angles? Yeah, don’t worry.
We’re cool.

Here’s the first edition of my HIT or MISS. It’s all in good fun, kids.


Okay, who is this girl? I don’t care that her glasses clearly have no lenses. She is adorable. Her bangs are great, her smirk is cute, even her pink skull thermal works for her. Yeah, she’s super hot. HIT.


Why are you two dirty hipsters so confused? What are you looking for/at? Why does that one guy look like a hotter version of Germaine from Flight of the Conchords? Whatever. HIT.


Girl, you look a little stoned, and, coupled with your tent-like tank-top and messy hair, I love it. Also hot. Also HIT.


When I lived in Atlanta I used to see this guy and wonder, “Is that too much?” Naw, HIT.









Is this Cisco Adler’s twin looking scary intense as he mock-fucks some cute blond in the photobooth? Sorry dude, MISS.

 -kelly bourdet

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5 thoughts on “HIT OR MISS.

  1. The first girl is Brittany Williamson and she’s even cuter in person.

  2. well someone please tell her shes a HIT!!!

  3. awww –^

  4. hahaha. Preston, you seriously know the name of every cute girl in ATL

  5. Also, that’s Brittany Bosco wearing a Fresh I Am shirt! we <3

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