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BANG ON: Party this Thursday!

Hello my internet loves. My dear friend Corey over at the awesome local fashion blog 2econdfloor.com is throwing a blog re-launch party this Thursday, October 4th!

Please join me from 7:30-9:30pm at Ri Ra’s Irish Pub in Buckhead as I have the pleasure of hosting this lovely, über fashionable school night affair. Live performances by Grand Prize Winners from Last Year and YOU on karaoke. Tasty food, complimentary cocktails and perhaps I will even sing some Madonna for y’all. You’ll have to see it to believe it :)

Don’t forget to RSVP to XXX@2econdfloor.com for Free Entry!!

Sarah Mincher

ps- yes, that is me with the bunny ears in the flyer ;)

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Best Of 2012!

Hello dear friends. So I was quite shocked/surprised/tickled glitter to see I won “best local twitter feed” in this years Best Of Creative Loafing Awards!

I just wanted to say thanks to whoever voted for me and enjoys my random musings about nothing and everything. I often forget anyone besides…well…me reads what I have to say. Maybe now I’ll start double checking my grammar and try to talk on more important issues than my hair or my obsession with Bravo TV (not a chance.)

Feel free to follow me by clicking HERE and thanks again for the votes! Yall make me feel so special.

Sarah Mincher

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Fashion Night Out // September 6th

Hello Atlanta! I have the pleasure of being involved in an awesome upcoming event I need all my party ponies to join me at- FASHION NIGHT OUT!

Presented by Vagrant Magazine, Fashion Night Out is going to be a swanky soiree to bring us into fall fashion season (my favorite!)

The Delicious Details:

Fashion Shows by:
Charles Lynch (Charles Chic)
Anastasia Southwick
Laura Brazil (Laura Brazil Couture)

Performances by:
Rahbi Raw
The Fire Squad

Art Exhibition featuring:
Steve Casper (casperart.net)
Patrick Hanson (handsonworks.com)
Eric Bachman

& more to be announced!

Tickets are:
$15 General Admission (pre-sale  until 08/24)
$25 General Admission
$30 at the door
$50 V.I.P. Front Row w Swag Bag

Purchase tickets at http://fnorawatl.eventbrite.com/

Join me September 6th from 7-10pm at the Viewpoint Midtown my darlin loves!

♥  Sarah Mincher

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Eide Magazine Kickstarter!

Hello Atlanta! I’m sure you are aware that the totally awesome, totally hip online publication, Eide Magazine is currently based out of our beautiful city. What you may not know is that they are trying to make the leap the internet onto a full on printed magazine and Ipad Ap!

WAY TO GO GUYS! Our city needs more creative outlets like this and guess what, WE can totally support their efforts. Check our Eide’s super creative Kickstarter fundraiser HERE for ways you can help make this happen!

PLUS – get this – the lovely staff over at Eide Magazine is also one of the sponsors for our MISS EAST ATLANTA PAGEANT and will have their own booth set up during the party so you can meet the staff in person this Monday, August 13th at Graveyard Tavern!


See you Monday night Atlanta!

Sarah Mincher


Obsession Alert: Lacura Face Cream

Hello Darlings. Confession alert: I’m totally and completely obsessed with me my skin. I’m very pale (seriously I wear spf at night due to my extreme fear of the sun) and my super sensitive skin breaks out at the very thought of a breakout. Sometimes I wonder if any part of my life will progress past that of a 12 year old girl but I suppose the my little pony night gown I’m currently rocking isnt helping that much. Anyways, the past few years I’ve become obsessed with face lotions and have spent more money than I’d like to admit trying to find the perfect skin cream regime. And like most things in life, the best things are free (or at least, sorta free. Check out my previous blog on the best extremely inexpensive lipgloss I’ve EVER TRIED).

Enter the rich, creamy world of Lacura Face Cream. With an online cult following that rivals perhaps only the legendary status of the cats of instagram, I was DYING to try to this product as soon as I stumbled upon an amazing thread praising her wonders. Here’s where our sweet, sweet milky product gets even better: Lacura Face Care q10 Night Cream AND Day Cream retails for $3.99 at Aldi. Yes, those weird grocery stores where you bag your own stuff and the overhead lighting makes everyone looks like they are one bath salt away from zombification.

Lacura Q10 Night Cream // I lost the Day Cream somewhere in my apartment so I figured my favorite unicorn statue would suffice for this photo. His name is Little Jerry Seinfeld. I love him.

Here’s the down low on Lacura, ladies. Apply the Day Cream in the morning on clean, dry skin and wait a few minutes for it to absorb before you apply your makeup. Unlike a lot of face creams I’ve sampled, Lacura Day Cream is a very light formula that absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave the gross greasy feeling many name brand products I’ve tried tend to (I’m looking at you, Clinique Repairwear). Is there anything worse than your face feeling dirty before you even applied makeup? Uh, no. The Lacura Night Cream goes on at night (duh) after you wash off the daily wear and tear of your fabulous life and works over night with a retinol formula to help reduce fine lines and regenerates the . Basically…..IT TOTALLY AND SERIOUSLY WORKS! I’ve been using both products regularly for a week now and honestly they are the best skin cream combination I’ve ever had the pleasure of slathering on my sensitive skin. The giggle lines I’m obsessed with obsessing about have totally faded and both creams have a pleasant floral scent. Though none of the active ingredients are chemicals commonly used to fight acne, I have not had a single blemish since I started my love obsession with Lacura.  In fact, my skin looks so clear I started rocking tinted moisturizer during the day time instead of foundation. Yes, you heard me right. I’m off the juice girls.

One more beauty note. I know a lot of our readers are in the younger demographic (uh, I’m like forever21, right??) but taking care of your skin at a young age BEFORE you get fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, etc slows down the aging process. Preventive measures to protect your skin (sunscreen, washing your face twice a day, anti wrinkle creams, etc) are the best way to keep you beautiful and natural going into your um, older years without having to succumb to botox, plastic surgery or other measures you totally cannot buy for $2.99 next to a bag of cool ranch doritos. Mmm. Doritos.

I hope you have the pleasure of popping into an Aldi and trying this cream for yourself! I bought the last of it at my neighborhood Aldi’s so don’t wait- the store clerk told me they don’t order it super regularly and that it flies off the shelf!

Sarah Mincher

ps- party girl pro tip: Aldi also carries a wine line called “Winking Owl” that retails for $2.69 a bottle. It’s like a the suburban version of Trader Joes famed 2 Buck Chuck and- get this- I’m like way into the Winking Owl Chardonnay and I’ve never gotten that horrible cheap wine headache the morning after. So please ladies, enjoy your lavishly inexpensive face cream and wine like the queens you are :)

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Hello Darlings. I’d love to invite you to the most fabulous sparkletastic annual event you’ll ever encounter in the entire world (or ah, Metro Atlanta)…



♕ Performances by Cousin Dan and NNXT! DJ Sets by Taradactyl and Rene Dellefont! Hosted by Me! ♕

♕ Sponsored by Sorry, Darlin, Eide Magazine, PBR and Absolute Vodka! Complimentary cocktails from 9-10pm!  ♕

♕ Monday, August 13th at Graveyard Tavern!♕

♥  Sarah Mincher


BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS: I have found the best lipgloss in the world.

BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS: I have found the best lip gloss in the entire world. No, seriously. THE ENTIRE WORLD. And guess what? IT ONLY COSTS $2.99!



It all started on a boring Thursday afternoon while I was browsing the aisles of Ulta, looking for some matte nail polish for my sister. A cute little pink lip gloss tube (NYX “Mood” Lip Gloss) caught me eye and I had that weird sixth sense that something magical was about to happen. My sparkly senses were tots tingling (well, I think that’s what was happening. I was also deep in heavy text with an ex-crush who turned out to be an asshat but that’s a story for another blog and he does not deserve to be declared the source of my tingles) and did I mention it was only $2.99??? (Sidenote: The website says it costs $4.49 but it was only $2.99 in-store so I’m not sure what’s wrong with the internet today. This kind of reminds me of the time I got in trouble in college for just writing “WIKIPEDIA” as my sources for a college paper. I still don’t know what was up with that professor but she definitely needed this lip gloss. The entire world needs this lip gloss.) Not paying much attention to what was about to be a serious makeup game changer, I threw it into my cart chalked full of bottles of hairspray and left.

I forgot all about the magical lip gloss for a few weeks, as I have a tendency to do with most things in my life.

A few weeks later I found the lip gloss in my car and got really excited. I then put on the lip gloss and my entire life changed. Well, as much as lip gloss can change your life. The gloss starts off clear and then changes to the most kissable, sexy shade of hot pink you have ever seen outside of a Lisa Frank Lunch Box. It does not run, it is the PURFECT consistency, it lasts for hours and when it does finally wear off a little bit it leaves the most vibrant pink lipstain. I have literally never worn it without a girl stopping me and inquiring about the magic that was happening on my face. It’s very similar to the highly popular JK Jemma Kidd Lip ID Color-Adapt, a product I love but don’t buy that often because even I think $20.00 for lip gloss is a bit much, especially when you lose stuff as much as I do. Which reminds me, if anyone sees the cat I got 2 years ago named kitty, please let me know.

Sparkle Steal: NYX “Mood” Lip Gloss $2.99 // Sparkle Splurge: JK Jemma Kidd Lip ID Color-Adapt $20.00

Girls, you can trust me on two things: 1. I always carry travel sized hairspray so don’t be afraid to ask next time you see me out 2. I would never lie to you about the value of a beauty product.

NYX “Mood” Gloss is available at Ulta and probably other locations that I am too lazy to google. I currently have six tubes (4 unopened) because I was worried that after I posted this blog it would become so popular I would no longer have access to it. So if you want one let me know girl!

And for more fun beauty tips but mostly discussion from me about me, follow me twitter!

Sarah Mincher


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